At a special briefing, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook made an official statement that the newly elected President of the United States would not affect the Pentagon's strategy to deploy troops in Europe.

He said that the United States President has no legal basis to determine the behavior strategy of military agencies of NATO countries, including the United States.

“We are executing plans, as they have been developed with our NATO allies. We will leave the next administration (possibility) to talk about their policy choices. We have one commander-in-chief at a time,” said the authorized representative of the US Department. 

Such a response, obviously, was made in connection with the campaign promises of the Republican candidate Donald Trump - who won the elections - that the US will reduce the scope of military cooperation with European and NATO countries.

Earlier, the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker called on the newly elected President of the United States to express his exact position on the future US strategy for cooperation with Europe and NATO.

Photo: Internet