Yesterday, July12, the law enforcement officers staged a forceful dispersal of sellers in the park area in the Crimean village of Koktebel near Feodosia, the Crimean Human Rights Group reports.

It is reported that in the evening hours, the electricity was cut off in the park area with canteens, cafés and souvenir stalls. Therefore, the sellers had to turn on generators.

After that, the police arrived at the scene and began forcibly dispersing people off.

One of the videos - published on the Internet by witnesses - shows the police officers trying to disperse the people engaged in trade. As a result, there was a fight between the security forces and sellers. At the same time the law enforcement officers beat and kicked both men and women.

After the conflict, a representative of the Koktebel Administration came to the park area. However, he was not able to explain people, why the market places were de-energized and who ordered the police to disperse them by force.

On July 11, the armed law enforcement officers chased the holidaymakers from the Chersonese beach reserve in Sevastopol.

Photo: Internet