The so-called city governor in the occupied Sevastopol, Dmitry Ovsyannikov, criticized the work of the participants in the "Legislative Assembly" and said that he would find another way of working without a "parliament".

Ovsyannikov said that the so-called MPs "played in politics" and think only "about salaries and financing."

"As a matter of fact, they do not care about anything else, and when they leave their posts, they receive appropriate funding from other sources, in fact, it is manipulation of members of the Legislative Assembly, it is a sort of control," he said.

According to Ovsyannikov, he does not think about the dissolution of the parliament controlled by the Kremlin. But Ovsyannikov stressed that it needed to return his powers, since in 2017 the "Legislative Assembly" expanded the powers of the "government".

Political scientist Andrei Kolyadin added that the conflict between the "Legislative Assembly" and the so-called governor contains a decision according to which it is necessary either to change either the "governor" or "Legislative Assembly".

Earlier, it was reported that Russian security forces searched the house of Dmitry Ovsyannikov in Russian-occupied Sevastopol.

Ovsyannikov himself said that representatives of the Kremlin's Prosecutor's Office of the Crimea came to inspect the house, which he rents. Security officials did not indicate the reason for the search.

Source: Kommersant