Refusal to summon the Head of the Mejlis Refat Chubarov for the questioning as a witness testifies that the authorities of the occupied peninsula were frightened of his arrival.

“The Russian government expected that Chubarov would be afraid to come to the Crimea, but it turns out that the authorities themselves were frightened of the arrival of Refat Chubarov”, Nikolai Polozov noted.

The lawyer explained that May 22, the defense made an application to call Refat Chubarov as a witness. Furthermore the “court” was in breach not to consider it immediately.

“The court took a pause almost for a day. Naturally, this pause was taken in order to develop a political solution. This decision was worked out not by judges, rather by those who oversee this process”, he explained.

The human rights activist noted that the court had no legal reasons for refusing to call witness Chubarov. Akhtem Chiygoz in turn challenged the entire composition of the occupation court. But recusal motion was denied.

“The court is absolutely illegal, biased in the Chiygoz case. And in the absence of testimony of a key witness, the process cannot be further carried out, Chiygoz can be immediately sentenced extrajudicially to any term of imprisonment  they like, and the legal value will be absolutely the same as the value of the decision judges made today”, said Polozov in this regard.

May 23, lawyer Nikolai Polozov said, that “court” was to make the decision on the Chubarov testimony. At the same time, the defender noted that the court had no legal obstacles to call Refat Chubarov as a witness, but only political ones.

Reference: Akhtem Chyigoz was detained in January 2015 in the Crimea, on accusations of organizing and participating in mass riots on February 26, 2014. Then, outside the building of the Supreme Council of Crimea, a rally was held in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. He has been detained for more than two years in the remand prison.

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