Roman Sushchenko and other political prisoners will go free sooner or later, Nikolai Polozov Russian lawyer stated. 

According to Polozov, the time and the type of methodology needed for release is more important issue.

"I can say one thing: political decisions should be made so that they could go free," he stated.

The lawyer, at the same time, pointed to the mistakes that, in his opinion, the authorities of Ukraine allows against the Kremlin prisoners.

“The main thing had not been done for three and half years in Ukraine. No infrastructure was created. Neither the state nor the public body emerged, which would constantly monitor and accumulate information on political prisoners, and carry out the interaction of that side with another, and raise funds for this whole work,” Polozov noted.

Russian lawyer is convinced that everything is quite disjointed so far, and this situation "needs to be corrected”.

Earlier, Roman Sushchenko, Ukrainian journalist illegally detained in Russia, used his right for a 20-minute call to relatives to congratulate his mother on her birthday.

Reportedly, The Moscow City Court extended the preventive measure to the Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko and left him in custody until January 13, 2018. Lawyer Mark Feygin, following the meeting, stated that the judge made a mistake. According to the court order, the final day of the preventive measure is January 30.

Roman Sushchenko, a special correspondent of the Ukrinform news agency in France, was arrested in Moscow on September 30, 2016 and charged with espionage in the interests of the Ukrainian state. He is kept in the Moscow Lefortovo prison.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, later on during a press conference held in Kyiv on May 14, 2017, stated that he had discussed with Putin the issue of the release of journalist Roman Sushchenko.