Former Russain State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev told a briefing in Kyiv that he was in the Premier Palace Hotel during the assassination of Denis Voronenkov.

“I was in the Premier Palace at that time. It happened at 11:25. Denis was very valuable for Ukraine, he knew a lot, he knew that he was the most vulnerable element for Putin's power. In the famous case of the "Three Whales", Denis acquired many enemies," the former State Duma deputy said.

Ponomarev went on saying that Voronenkov had already been attempted and treated in France in a NATO hospital.

"He was going to investigate all the corruption cases in Russia. He was not allowed to do this. According to my main version it was Oleg Feklistov. I very hope that the professionalism of Ukrainian law enforcers will help to solve this case.”

Earlier QQHA reported that March 23 at about 11:30 near the five-star hotel Premier Palace in the center of Kyiv at the intersection of Shevchenko Boulevard and Pushkinskaya Street a gun shooting occurred, which resulted in the death of a former Russian State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov.