President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held telephone talks with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, during which he discussed the aggression of Russia and the de-occupation of the Crimea, according to the information of the press service of the Ukrainian head of state.

“Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko held a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The sides supported approaches to further counteract Russian aggression and restore Ukraine's territorial integrity, including taking into account recent contacts between the two heads of state,” the statement said.

During the talks, the President of Ukraine expressed his gratitude to Pompeo for the declaration on the non-recognition of attempts to annex Crimea to Russia.

Mike Pompeo, in turn, congratulated Poroshenko on the successful process of launching the Anti-Corruption Court.

The parties agreed to continue the movement from the policy of non-recognition of annexation to the policy of de-occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula.

"It is noted that the US approaches to policies on Russia remain clear and unambiguous - the price for Russian aggression will continue to grow until the Kremlin changes its confrontational policy," reads the message.

Sanctions against the Russian Federation will remain in effect until the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored.

According to the statement, the sides also discussed the importance of coordinating actions for the deployment of UN peacekeepers throughout the occupied Donbas.

Pompeo and Poroshenko also considered the issue of the release of Ukrainian political prisoners, who are being held in Russia and the annexed Crimea, as well as prisoners in the Donbas.

“The pressure on Russia should be increased for the speedy release of all Ukrainian hostages, including Oleg Sentsov, who has been on a hunger strike for already 86 days”, the press service of the President of Ukraine said.

QHA reported that on July 26, Poroshenko called on Ukraine's friends and partners to support Mike Pompeo's declaration on non-recognition of the annexation of the Crimea.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a statement of July 25 called Crimea Declaration noted that the rejects Russia’s attempted annexation of Crimea and pledges to maintain this policy until Ukraine’s territorial integrity is restored. The US Secretary of State urged Russia to "respect the principles to which it has long claimed to adhere and to end its occupation of Crimea."

Photo: EPA