The Head of State claimed the key points on the way to the election are the withdrawal of the occupying Russian troops, the restoration of full control over the Ukrainian border and the deployment of the OSCE Police Mission, reported UNIAN.

- Minsk Agreements clearly provide for the withdrawal of occupation forces from across the Ukrainian territory, the restoration of Ukraine’s control over the state border, the deployment of an international armed OSCE Police Mission that in order to monitor the situation is to deploy on a contact line, watch over RF weapons depots until withdrawal and bring in permanent patrols on all points in order to prevent the supply of new units of Russian troops, ammunition, weapons and return of militants, Poroshenko said during a speech in the mobile border detachment of the State Border Service.

According to the President, no other scenario is possible for holding elections in Donbas.

- We will hold elections meeting the OSCE international standards only under the Ukrainian legislation, with participation of international observers, Ukrainian parties and candidates, as well as with solid security measures, under which we will protect everyone who is involved in the run-up and who is going to vote, and with the presence of Ukrainian election campaign and media. I stress there will be no other scenario, said Poroshenko.