In the annexed Crimea and the occupied Donbas, Russia is refining technologies, which can be used outside Ukraine, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated at the international conference "The Hybrid Decade: Lessons learned to move forward successfully" held in Kyiv.

Poroshenko also noted that Crimea "has turned into the base for Russian cruise missiles."

“Where will they fly next? To Ukraine or Syria, or to the Mediterranean countries, to emphasize the Russian influence zone, the zone of control?”

The Ukrainian Head of State went on saying that Russia is actively saturating the Sea of Azov with warships, which work out the blockade of Ukrainian seaports.

“They are seeking to disrupt the work of Mariupol, Berdyansk, to disrupt the black metallurgy of Ukraine, to disrupt exports. Based on what right? I am convinced that this technology will be applied not only against Ukrainian ports. Now nobody would deny that the revanchist policy of the Kremlin against Ukraine has become a common challenge for Euro-Atlantic security.”

Poroshenko called for strengthening anti-Russian sanctions due to false elections in ORDLO, scheduled for November 11.

“It is time to talk not about weakening sanctions against Russia, but about strengthening them.”

Addressing the Verkhovna Rada with an annual message on the internal and external situation of Ukraine, Poroshenko noted that the persistence with which Russia is struggling with sanctions shows that these measures are effective and that the price of aggression for Russia is very high: the ruble keeps falling even with the growth of oil prices, the Russian authorities raised the retirement age, and increased VAT.