(QHA) -

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has instructed Defense Minister Valeriy Heletei to dismiss two heads of ministry departments responsible for material and technical support and the organization of tenders and for purchases of weapons, Interfax-Ukraine.

"I have issued an instruction to the defense minister to dismiss two department heads. The first one was responsible for material-technical support and the organization of tenders, and the second was responsible for purchases of weapons. New managers have been appointed starting today, and I hope they'll be more efficient," Poroshenko said at a meeting with volunteers providing support to the military operation in the eastern part of Ukraine.

The president said he issued such an instruction based on preliminary results of an investigation into inefficient use of funds for providing Ukrainian forces and National Guard with all they need.

Poroshenko also announced his instructions to public councils of ministries involved in tenders to engage volunteers in these procedures, "so that they should have the full opportunity to check all purchases."