Russia turns the occupied Ukrainian peninsula into a military base, changing the balance of forces in the Black Sea. Crimea is being transformed into a concentration camp, where Russian justice returns punitive psychiatry and methods of the Soviet era, Petro Poroshenko told at the opening ceremony of the conference Yalta European Strategy YES.

What happened with Ilmi Umerov demonstrates a cynical policy of the Russian authorities, the President said.

Poroshenko went on to say that the occupation authorities cannot ensure social standards in the Crimea peninsula.

According to a QHA correspondent, speaking about poverty the Crimean pensioners live in, the President reminded his European colleagues about a famous Medvedev’s answer to a woman who was complaining over a pension of 8,000 rubles.

They (Russian leaders - Ed.) are not able to build social standards and therefore are looking for "subversives", said Poroshenko.