According to a Yerofeyev’s lawyer Oksana Sokolovskaya, a petition for clemency will be filed as set forth in the Presidential Decree.

- Today, the sentence by Holoseievski District Court of Kyiv against Yerofeyev and Alexandrov has come into force. The defense has not lodged an appeal. Therefore, in the near future, the President of Ukraine will be filed a petition to pardon citizens of the Russian Federation in accordance with the procedure specified in the Presidential Decree, a lawyer wrote on Facebook.

Russians Alexander Alexandrov and Evgeniy Yerofeyev have been sentenced to 13 and 14 years of imprisonment respectively with confiscation of all property. The Court found them guilty of waging aggressive war in a preliminary conspiracy against Ukraine, as active members of the Russia’s Armed Forces.

Earlier, the Ukrainian President's website reported on a telephone talk between Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin, in which they discussed the liberation of Nadiya Savchenko, Yevgeniy Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov.

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