“Currently a complete ceasefire is being maintained at the frontline,” Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko said during a visit of the Military Department of the Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev, NBN reports.

“After I got elected President, a full-scale military campaign got under way. The only motivation the untrained, unclothed and shoeless Ukrainian Army had at the time was protection of its country. A complete ceasefire has been maintained at the frontline in the first week of October. We have no peace yet, but we do have a truce. That does not mean the war is over. The war will only be over when the last bit of the Ukrainian soil has been liberated. However, this is a genuine truce,” said Poroshenko.

“We have succeeded in creating Europe’s most patriotically-minded and powerful army which halted the advance of the world’s strongest military machine. Hybrid war, something the world first faced last year, is well underway now. To fight a hybrid war, one needs to launch a large-scale campaign of disinformation,” the President said.

A truce is reported to be holding in Donbass now, with the opposing sides withdrawing their heavy weapons from the frontline.