Poroshenko believes that the holding of the referendum was an unprecedented example of the national unity, which put aside any doubt in desire of the Ukrainian people to live in their own state, the presidential press service reports.

The Head of State also stressed the importance of unity in this difficult time for the country.

“If you do not want to be destroyed again from inside and enslaved by Russian aggressors, we should not afford any discord, internal intrigues and chieftainship. At the same time, we must, at all levels - diplomatic, military, domestic policy, and at the level of every citizen - to take care of our country, preservation of the territorial and spiritual integrity, economic and human security, and the protection of Ukrainian information space,” he said.

President has named the urgent problems of the country: the eradication of corruption, economic development and creation of an attractive investment climate. However, he placed a priority on strengthening the national defense, strengthening national armed forces.

Poroshenko stressed that "all this is the realization of the European choice made by the Ukrainian people."

The referendum on independence was held on December 1, 1991. More than 90% of residents voted in favor of independence. August 24, 1991, the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR proclaimed Ukraine an independent, democratic state, and issued the "Declaration of Independence of Ukraine" to be confirmed in an all-Ukrainian referendum.