Press Release of World Crimean Tatar Congress

Russian Occupation of Crimea in its 2nd Year

Our Homeland, Crimea, was occupied by the Russian Federation two years ago today. This barbarous, primitive and unlawful action of the Russian Federation has never been and will never be recognized by the international community and especially by Crimean Tatars.

Crimean Tatars have been the suffering victims of the expansionist activities of Russia throughout history. Our experiences are the reason behind our rejection of the present Russian administration in Crimea and the evidence for a possible catastrophe in the future.

Crimea has evolved into a “dark hole” of democracy and human rights after the occupation of the Russia Federation. Crimean peninsula has been the region in which human dignity was violated the most.

Humanity should find a way to get out of this “dark hole”; otherwise, it will continue to devour the remaining free world.

World Crimean Tatar Congress, once again, cordially invites all the international community to take the necessary action in order to end the occupation of Crimea and to clear off this region under darkness from this shame.