Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas, speaking in the Estonian Parliament, said that the actions of Putin's Russia in Europe can now be regarded as war, according to Postimees website.

“Russia continues with the same scale the war in the east and south of Europe, and, honestly, and in Europe itself, if we consider all the methods of war. Our eastern neighbor applies both conventional and hybrid methods for pushing on, like hybrid cars use different types of fuel when moving. Intervention using cyber means in the presidential elections, the financing of extremist parties in Europe, preventing an independent investigation into the plane crash, spreading propaganda and lies fall under the description of the second category,” Taavi Rõivas said.

In his opinion, Russia, like a schoolboy bully, is constantly looking for conflicts wherever they can be found.

“If the West is, in the opinion of the Russian leadership, the existential threat, then we should not be surprised that the end justifies the means. This is indicated not only in the new global EU estimates that Russia's actions in Ukraine and strategy in the Black Sea region as a whole to have shaken the very foundations of Europe's security architecture. The ongoing in Ukraine and Syria cynical conflict and the recent investigation into the crash of Boeing and much more - all this makes the Western public open their eyes and carefully consider what is happening,” said the Prime Minister of Estonia.

Photo: Internet