The abuse was motivated by an icon of civil housing "Azov" on the bicycle frame and a Ukrainian coat of arms on the bicycle wheel holders, as well as a yellow and blue bracelet.

“September 9, 2016, the media reported about a citizen of Ukraine severely beaten by the unknown persons in the center of the city of Sevastopol, because of the Ukrainian symbolics he had. In this connection, the Prosecutor's Office of Crimea initiated a pre-trial investigation under Part. 2 Art. 161 of the Criminal Code (violation of citizens' equality based on their race, nationality, religion and other grounds), and Part. 1 Art. 296 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism),” reads the message on the Crimean Prosecutor's Office website.

The body supervising compliance with the law on behalf of the state informed that the offences listed in Part. 2 Art. 161 are punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment, and up to 5 years freedom restriction imposes Part. 1 Art. 296 under the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Under the Part. 2 Art. 12 of the Ukrainian Law "On upholding the rights and freedoms of citizens and legal treatment in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine," the above-mentioned materials of the criminal proceedings are sent to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine to determine jurisdiction.

Photo: Prosecutor's Office of Crimea site