December 10, residents of the occupied Yevpatoriya with the support of Russian political parties came out to protest against the increase of tariffs and collection of contributions for capital repairs of apartment buildings, the Crimean publications reported.
The organizers of the rally were such political forces as the Russian Communist Party, Liberal Democratic Party as well as "Homeland" and "Justice". Members of the so-called "Crimean self-defense" were also seen at the event.

“Yevpatoriya is a resort, where people only work in the summer. But the tariffs on housing and communal services increase every month. It is very hard for people, this year there was not even a supplement for pensioners, as usual. And the prices, look at them in stores, they rise every time you come,” said one of the participants.

Among the demands of protesters was "freezing" of tariffs for housing and communal services and inspection of companies providing energy for homes and businesses in Yevpatoriya. At the rally were made the following slogans: "Tariffs Utilities are terror against the people", the "Law on repairs is noose for the people" and "Without struggle there is no victory."

November 25, the State Duma Deputy from the Crimea Mikhail Sheremet, in an interview with the Russian press, said that a program for electricity tariff increase had already been developed for the 2017 in the Russia-occupied peninsula. He stated that the residents of the peninsula have to pay the invaders 2 times more for the power supply than at that point.

Photo: Internet