The head of the Russian Federation considers that the state of tourism industry in Crimea is poor in comparison with the Soviet period. He stated this during his speech at the Russian Popular Front Action Forum in Moscow, reports with reference to the Russian media.

Putin noted that much left undone for comfortable living and recreation on the peninsula. It will take Crimea a long time to rise at least to the level of the Soviet Union.

"Now level of tourism is much lower than it was in the Soviet Union," said Putin.

According to him, the lack of adequate infrastructure greatly reduces the opportunities for tourism in Crimea. Respectively, the contribution of the tourism sector in the GDP of the country is minimal (1.6%).

It should be noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with the representative of Hollywood lied that "he respects the choice of people in Crimea in 2014". However, it is well-known that illegitimate "referendum" in Crimea and Sevastopol was held at gunpoint of Russian military.

Photo: Internet