Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the US of interfering in the Russian elections, according to the interview that was shown on June 15 in the fourth, final, series of Oliver Stone's documentary film "Putin Interviews" on Showtime.

Putin stated he would not go into details, and only called the years of "interventions."

“Both in 2000, and in 2012 – it has always been. But in 2012 it was especially aggressive.”

The President of the Russian Federation went on saying that the intervention was carried out, including through diplomats, who, he said, "gathered the opposition forces and financed them, went to all kinds of opposition rallies."

The Head of the aggressor country also noted the role of non-governmental organizations, which, in his opinion, are often financed through a number of "gaskets" and structures.

“Whether from the State Department, or from some other quasi-public sources. In the entire post-Soviet area, and in Eastern Europe, and in other countries, and in Africa, the same thing happens in Latin America.”

Earlier, QHA reported that on the eve of the election of the US President in November 2016, Russian military intelligence carried out a cyber attack against at least one software provider for voting, and sent out more than a hundred phishing letters to the election commissions of the United States. The fact became known from the secret report of the US National Security Agency.

Earlier, US Senator John McCain prepared an amendment of legislation to the Senate, which would expand sanctions against Russia for interference in the elections.

PHOTO: Internet