According to Putin, the Ukrainian special forces detaining the military deserters who sided with the occupying country, is "treachery that will turn against those who exercise it."

At the same time, there weren’t any statements on the unlawful arrest of Ukrainian citizens in Russia, including journalists Roman Sushchenko who was found in Lefortovo prison by the human rights activists. The Russian President neither mentioned numerous Crimean Tatars detained on trumped up charges by the authorities of the country, to annex Crimea.

According to the position, announced by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Speaker Alexander Motuzyanik at a briefing, the former Ukrainian military, now the military oath traitors, crossed the administrative border themselves, and while checking the documents it revealed that they were the Ukrainian deserters who defected to the Russian Armed Forces during the occupation of the peninsula. Accordingly, they have been detained on suspicion under Part 6 Article 111 ("treason and desertion to the enemy", punishable by imprisonment for 10 to 15 years).

Previously QHA reported that according to a resolution adopted by the Third Committee of the United Nations on November 16, Russia is recognized the occupier country that regularly commits kidnapping, illegal arrests and torture of people who disagree with the occupation of the peninsula.

Photo: Internet