A total of 71% of conservatives have expressed their desire to see the pro-Russian candidate Francois Fillon in the presidential election in France.

On the eve of voting for the candidate from The Republicans party, which will take place on November 27, TV debates have been held between François Fillon and his opponent Alain Juppe, the DW agency reports.

Previously, Alain Juppe headed the French government, but Fillon is ahead of him with a score of 57% to 41%, according to estimates of public opinion by Elabe.

The necessary reforms in France, as well as the policies of candidates on the world stage, particularly in relation to Russia, were discussed during the TV debates.

In this regard, Alain Juppe adheres to the position of maintenance of sanctions against the Russian Federation, having opposed the current rapprochement with President Putin, while Fillon supports the lifting of all sanctions against Russia. He also claimed the responsibility of Kyiv for instigating the conflict in eastern Ukraine, stressing that he is ready to cooperate with Russia on the Syrian issue.

François Fillon is ex-prime minister under President Sarkozy. In the period from 1993 to 2005, he held various posts in the French government and was the Minister of the three different departments. Since 2005, he has been involved in activities of The Republicans party.

The winner of the second round of the primaries will enter the competition with the leader of the National Front party Marine Le Pen, and if he wins he will compete with the candidate of the democratic forces in the national elections.

It worth mentioning that Rumen Radev, a retired general, won the presidential elections in Bulgaria. He called for the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions and was supported by local socialists.

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