Russian government continues to deny the occupation of the territory of Ukraine, and calls the Russian military invasion of the Donbas a "civil war".

Thus, Dmitry Peskov, the Presidential press secretary, commented on the preparation of a bill in Ukraine on recognizing Donbas as an occupied territory, Tass reports.

“It (the south-eastern part of Ukraine) is not occupied by Russia, Russia does not occupy any territories.”

Also, according to the rules of Russian propaganda, Peskov started talking about a "civil war".

“This is an inter-Ukrainian conflict. I call things by their own names: this is a civil war, which can be stopped only by Ukraine itself.”

Reference: In the spring of 2014, Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea, and later launched military operations in the East of Ukraine. The Russian Federation supports the armed conflict in the Donbas with ideological, financial, military equipment and manpower.

Earlier, the Ukrainian President's Commissioner for Crimean Tatar Affairs Mustafa Dzhemilev said that Russian propaganda far exceeds propaganda in the USSR.

PHOTO: Internet