According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, this year Crimean government managed to improve the work of the Kerch ferry line and Simferopol airport that accounted for a positive effect on the accessibility of the Crimea peninsula, the press service of the Crimean government reports citing Putin as saying at a meeting of the presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation in Yalta.

“The working capacity of the Kerch ferry line has stepped up for the last year: pleasant figures, good performance on transport service. Simferopol Airport has started handling the airliners of 50 Russian cities during the day and the night time. As you know, we have good plans on reconstruction of the Simferopol airport and I am sure we’ll implement them,” Putin said.

As Sergey Aksenov, Head of the Russian Crimea, noted in his report, according to the preliminary forecasts, in August the ferry line will handle more than 1 million passengers, more than 300 thousand passenger cars, over 18,000 trucks. Simferopol Airport has already handled 4.5 million passengers this year.