Vladimir Putin does not see any other way out of the crisis situation in the East of Ukraine, but further negotiations in Normandy format. He stated this after all the scheduled meetings at the G20 summit in China. 

“Well, we (with Angela Merkel and François Hollande - Ed.) were mainly talking about the Ukrainian crisis. With regard to the Normandy format, whether it is good or bad, but there is no other option at least to make an attempt to reach settlement. So, of course, Russia will support this format,” said Russian President.

A series of bilateral talks, including the meeting of US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Theresa May, have already been held at the G20 summit in China.

During a joint press conference with Mrs May, Barack Obama has pledged to continue to resist Russian aggression in Ukraine. The sides also discussed economic issues and the British exit from the EU.

Vladimir Putin also held a number of bilateral meetings, including one with the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Theresa May said that there are a number of contradictions between the two countries, but she hopes for an open dialogue with Moscow.

In addition, Russian President held a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, where they discussed the conflict in Donbas.

Vladimir Putin was going to hold a meeting in the Normandy format without Ukraine, but the European leaders did not agree to this option.

Photo: Internet