Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, stated that the Kyiv authorities need to negotiate with militants in the Donbas concerning the UN peacekeeping mission. The following message Putin delivered during the Press-Conference held today.

Putin noted that it was the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, who spoke about the need for arming the OSCE staff, and later stated that it was necessary to ensure security with the help of UN forces.

“Petro Poroshenko was one, who spoke about the need to first equip the OSCE staff. I agreed. The OSCE immediately refused. Petro Poroshenko then stated the need of ensuring the security of the OSCE staff with the help of the UN forces. I agreed with this idea. And so, aiming to eliminate somebody’s possible doubts of our consent, we have introduced a draft of the relevant resolution”.

The President of the Russian Federation went on saying that Angela Merkel, German Chancellor later announced the need to move OSCE staff throughout the Donbas.

“Following that, Merkel asked me in a telephone conversation: Well, why does only on the border of the dividing line? OSCE personnel are moving throughout the territory of the Donbas. Would you agree, please, if they were under protection everywhere, including, the border between Russia and the Donbas, Russia and Ukraine. I thought we can agree. We immediately made amendments to the resolution”.

He stated that the consent of the Russian Federation is not enough, as Kyiv must negotiate with the militants.

“In fact, it all comes down to putting this territory under international control. We don’t mind this, but for ensuring, it is necessary for the Kyiv authorities to negotiate with the Donbas itself. Conflicts of this kind were not solved anywhere in the world through intermediaries only. They were everywhere settled with the help of direct contacts between the conflicting parties. The Kyiv authorities, unfortunately, shy away from these direct contacts today”.

Earlier the same day, Putin stated that still no Russian soldiers were present on the Donbas, but there were"certain military and police formations." The President of the Russian Federation added that the creation of such formations meets the interests of the population of the occupied territories in the east of Ukraine.