The self-proclaimed "Head of the Administration" of an urban settlement Sholkino in the occupied Crimea Tatiana Yermanova was dismissed from her post for further investigation under decision of the Leninsky "court" of Simferopol. Local media  reports that clear violations were observed in her activities while the procurement and distribution of public housing, which may indicate abuse of authority for the purpose of illicit enrichment.

“Satisfy the claim. Terminate prematurely  the contract No.2, concluded by representative of the employer, the Chairman of the City Council Sergei Varavin and Tatiana Yermanova, appointed to the post of Head of Administration of Sholkino, Leninsky district of Crimea under Decision of Session 17 Convocation 1 of Sholkino City Council of April 23, 2015, in connection with violation of the contract conditions by Tatiana Yermanova in respect of the decision on local issues,” reads the decision of the "court."

Previously, in late December, representatives of law enforcement bodies detained the Russian-controlled "Deputy Head of the Administration" of the occupied city of Kerch Oleg Shevchenko as part of a criminal investigation of extorting bribes.

Photo: Internet