The so-called Bakhchysarai district court in the occupied Crimea ordered Rustem Osmanov detained on the morning of December 11 to pay a fine.

Crimean Tatar activist was fined 10 thousand Russian rubles. He was allegedly "involved in an unauthorized rally that obstructed the functioning of life support facilities, transportation or social infrastructure."

Lawyer Rustem Kamiylev intends to appeal against this decision.

“At the time when they were standing on the roadside during the search of Seidamet Mustafaev in April, a car passed by. It moved freely, pedestrians also moved freely. But, of course, reports from police officers and testimonies say that the car allegedly could not to drive there and pedestrians were unable to pass. We all understand that this charge is made out of thin air," the lawyer said.

Meanwhile, activists of Crimean Solidarity collected money to pay fines of the Crimean Tatar activists detained in Bakhchysarai on October 11 imposed by Russian courts, according to Crimean Tatar Server Mustafayev.

Earlier, in November in Bakhchysarai activists paid with coins another number of fines of the Crimean Tatars who were detained on October 11.

Reference:  October 11, from the very morning the invaders massively searched the houses of the Crimean Tatars in Bakhchysarai and arrested several people.

Later, the Kremlin-controlled court of the Kievsky region in Simferopol elected a measure of restraint to all six Crimean Tatars, who were searched on October 11. The activists were arrested for two months.

The court imposed administrative fines in the amount of 10 to 20 thousand rubles to nine activists.

The lawyer of one of the detainees reported that the arrests of the Crimean Tatars were caused by the fact that they refused to recognize the new order in the Crimea and the annexation of the peninsula by Russia.