It was reported earlier that three media outlets - QHA news agency ("Crimean news"), Krym.Realii ("Crimea Realities") and "Khersononline" Internet editions - are involved in the creation of the "Crimean Word" newspaper covering the topic of the Crimea in media scene. 

During the presentation of the newspaper hosted by "Ukrinform" news agency, the editor of "People's Army" publishing house Natalia Tkachuk, dealing with layout and production of the "Crimean Word" newspaper, said that it would be published weekly with a circulation of 20 thousand copies.
Today we can confidently assert that the "Crimean Word" newspaper is the most popular among immigrants, lawyers, human rights activists, border guards, soldiers, border inhabitants and all those who want to know the truth about the life in Crimea.

The publication is distributed at checkpoints on the administrative boarder with the occupied territory and handed over by people who visit the mainland Ukraine. Newspaper readers, 15- 80, find the right information and are looking forward to the next issue of the "Crimean Word."

PHOTO: Genichesk District State Administration