The so-called prosecutor in the city of Yevpatoria in the annexed Crimea, Aleksandr Moshegov, proposed dismissing the “Head of administration” of the city, Andrei Filonov, on suspicion of corruption, the "Head" of the Yevpatoria municipality Olesya Kharitonenko reported to Kryminform.

According to her, a commission has already been created to investigate this situation in the office.

Filonov himself spoke about the reason for the statement of the “prosecutor”.

“I signed an order appointing a person, who is the biological father of the woman I live with, as director of one of the administration enterprises. We are not officially married, officially she is not my wife.”

At the same time, he stressed that the decision to appoint the father of his common-law wife to this position was taken by the staff of the “administration”, and he allegedly only signed the order.

Filonov went on saying that if the commission created recognizes his actions as those of corrupt character, he is ready to leave his post voluntarily.
Reportedly, 32% of Crimeans note the high levels of corruption in the peninsula. According to the results of a sociological survey conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center, 27% of respondents said that the level of corruption has not changed and still remains high, and 5% of respondents said that corruption has increased.

Thus, in 2017 more than two thousand cases of corruption were recorded in the Crimea. At the same time, about a thousand people were brought to justice.
Source: Kryminform