UN officials have voiced serious concerns about the statements of the Lugansk separatists. The authorities of the so-called LPR (Luhask People’s Republic) demand all U.N. agencies to immediately vacate the city, reports Reuters.

- I am alarmed by news that the de facto authorities in eastern Ukraine have ordered U.N. agencies in Luhansk to end operations and to leave the area by tomorrow, 25 September," UN Undersecretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Stephen O'Brien said in a statement.

UN spokesman is concerned by the situation regarding accreditation and registration of international NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in Donetsk.

According to O'Brien, a decision by the de facto authorities in Donetsk on the U.N.'s future operations remains on hold, and all U.N. agency operations have been suspended. Such decisions affect especially children and civilians who are in need of humanitarian assistance for them to survive the shortage of necessary medicines, food and other goods and essential services.

As it’s known, the US and Russian presidents are to meet at the UN General Assembly in New York Sept. 28. However, the leaders' priorities are split. The White House insists on holding talks on the situation in the Eastern Ukraine, which served as a pretext for tough Western sanctions. As for the Kremlin, Syrian issue is in the foreground.