The Ministry of Justice has unlawfully ruled to include the International Human Rights Society "Memorial" in the register of non-profit Organizations Performing the Functions of a Foreign Agent, according to a former political prisoner Gennady Afanasiev.

“Speaking about the unlawful decision of the Ministry of Justice.
Today, October 4, we learned that the Russian Ministry of Justice has decided to include the International Historical, Educational, Charitable and Human Rights Society "Memorial" in the register of "Organizations Performing the Functions of a Foreign Agent." We consider this decision illegal and will challenge it in the courts,” reads the statement of the Board of the International Memorial Center.

September 29, the lawyers of the Russian human rights center "Memorial" Kyrill Koroteyev, Tatiana Glushkova and Marina Agaltsova represented the defense in the Supreme Court of Russia at the hearing "On the prohibition of the activities of the public association "Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people" under the Article 9 of the Federal Law of 25.07.2002, No.1145-FL" On counteracting extremist activity."

September 7, Russian Ministry of Justice has started checking the "Memorial" for its activity as a foreign agent.

Reference. International Historical, Educational, Human Rights and Humanitarian Society "Memorial" is a non-governmental organization, which initially aimed at investigating into the political repression in the Soviet Union. Today, it is a community consisting of dozens of organizations in Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. The Memorial’s activity includes research, advocacy and educational work.

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