It was alleged in a report aired on NTV channel (Russia) that Refat Chubarov, assisted by his followers, attempted to prevent Haji Emirali Ablayev, Mufti of Crimea, from meeting the Turkish Minister of Religious Affairs in Ankara.

A similar report was broadcast by Pervuy Krymskiy TV channel, a mouthpiece of the occupational regime.

Commenting on the report and Crimean channel’s actions on his Facebook page, Chubarov wrote:

“Things are pretty clear with the news presenter – she got given a text and she read it… Of course, one could recall similar situations involving news presenters in the former USSR (in its last and subsequent years) refusing to read false reports on air. However, it should be admitted that things like this rarely happened in countries of the former Soviet Union, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia excluded… Here we’re dealing with the case of the KOT TV channel’s senior management making their young reporters wallow in the excrements they call ‘news’ on a daily basis. It’s this kind of product the channel, sponsored by the Russian occupants, has been feeding its audience … I feel really sorry for the anchor girl who did her best reading the false report. My sympathies go to the girl’s parents, because I’m positive they never taught their daughter to tell and spread lies…

P.S. I want my Crimean subscribers to do me a favor. Please, have the girl’s parents read my comment… I remember our parents stopping those eager to turn us into individuals without national identity from doing so in the times of the USSR…”