The international organization Reporters Without Borders condemned the arbitrary arrests of dozens of journalists, who covered the anti-corruption demonstrations in Russia on March 26.

“According to initial counts, between 32,000 and 93,000 people participated in demonstrations throughout the country and around 1,800 of them were reportedly arrested.

According to RSF’s tally, at least 14 of those detained were journalists who had gone to cover the protests,” the statement said.

Reportedly, six journalists were detained in Moscow, while three of them were later charged with "participating in an unsanctioned demonstration."

Another 7 journalists were detained in the capital of the Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala, one in Saratov (convicted the next day to administrative arrest for four days over "refusing to comply with instructions from the police").

In Petrozavodsk, the correspondent was hit by a police officer while filming a protest and detaining one of the protesters.

The organization stated that "this behaviour by the police contravenes Russian law and the international treaties by which Russia is bound."

Organization Journalists without borders urged the Russian authorities to respect media freedom, punish those responsible and ensure that the police are properly trained to respect journalists’ rights

Earlier, QHA reported that March 26, protest demonstrations against corruption were held in dozens of Russian cities. According to various sources, 8 to 30 thousand people took part in them. Nearly thousand people were detained.

PHOTO: Internet