Today, on March 7, in Odesa, a press conference was held on the occasion of the opening of the regional office of the European Union Advisory Mission to Ukraine (EUAM) in the city.

The Mission will focus its efforts on the areas of justice and law enforcement with a view to strengthening the confidence in the relevant bodies on the part of Ukrainian society.

The ceremony of opening the representative office of the European Union mission in Odesa was started by Head of all European Union civilian operations, Kenneth Deane.

“The Advisory Mission was established to provide assistance in the reform process. By the opening of the third mission's regional representative office and the expansion of our support for Odesa, we reaffirm our commitment to this process," Kenneth Deane said.

The regional office in Odesa will be headed by Paul Kervan from Great Britain.

This is the third branch of the EUAM, which began its work in the regions since the foundation of the mission in 2014. The other two representative offices have been operating in Lviv and Kharkiv since 2016. The main office is located in Kyiv.