Ukraine agreed to the proposal of the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation to transfer 16 prisoners from the detention centers of the Russian-occupied Crimea, a Russian news edition reported, citing sources in the department.

It refers to those prisoners who were convicted on the peninsula by Ukrainian courts before the Russian annexation.

“Ukraine  gave consent to transfer a number of Ukrainian citizens, serving sentences in Federal Penitentiary facilities of Russia, who were convicted by the Ukrainian courts to prison before  March 18, 2014 and at the time of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia were held in prisons in the territory of the peninsula,” reads the statement of Russian media.

Earlier, representative of the Ukrainian Ombudsman Mikhail Chaplyga said that first, the parties discussed the transfer of 18 convicted persons, but one of them had Russian citizenship, and another was paroled.

Earlier QHA reported that Ukrainian Ombudsman Valeriya Lutkovska at the June meeting in Minsk agreed with her Russian counterpart Tatiana Moskalkova to conclude an agreement on the transfer 18 prisoners convicted Ukrainian court before March 18, 2014 - to the annexation of the Crimea- from Simferopol to the mainland Ukraine.

Photo: Internet