A representative of Germany-based International Society for Threatened Peoples and human rights activist Sarah Reinke told in her interview with (‘The Future of Crimea’ forum) about the complete loyalty of the Russian Ombudswoman Tatiana Moskalkova to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that the European media is getting less interested in issue of Ukraine and Crimea.

“Russian Ombudswoman is a former police officer, and it's pretty cynical. I cannot take it seriously. She intends to support Putin and she will never say anything bad about the human rights violation, even in the case of the Crimean Tatars. She just repeats the lie she was told,” said the German human rights activist, in response to a question about the Kremlin Ombudswoman Tatiana Moskalkova.

The human rights activist also noted that after banning the Mejlis activities by Crimean pro-Russian authorities, there is a peak of human rights violations on the peninsula: the growing number of missing persons and searches carried out in the homes of the Crimean Tatars.

“We are in constant dialogue with the UN defenders and try to convince them that the Russian and pro-Russian organizations commit crimes suffered by the Crimean Tatars. 

According to her, the topics of Ukraine and Russia’s annexation of Crimea are “not the top ones” in Europe.

“German Media cover mainly the crisis in Syria and African countries, which is also important. We, as an organization for the protection of human rights, try to remind people, including the media representatives, about the importance of Crimea and Ukraine’s topics. This issue is directly connected with Europe,” the human rights activist summed up.

Sarah Reinke expressed concern about the isolation of Crimea because of the lack of representatives of international organizations and the community as a whole there.

“We strongly criticize the German and European politicians due to the fact that they are not active enough. They say something about 8000 people in the East of Ukraine, but Crimea for them has been already lost, to some extent,” she explained.

It was reported earlier that Russia does not provide official documents on the transfer of prisoners from Crimea. Valeria Lutkovska, a Ukrainian Ombudswoman, declares that her colleague’s office in Russia has rejected all proposals for the transfer of Ukrainian citizens from prisons of the annexed Crimea.

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