Russian Propaganda information agency RIA Novosti (Crimea) reported about Turkish delegation consisting of politicians and businessmen staying in the territory of the illegally occupied Crimea.

Yesterday the representative of the "International Eurasian Movement" Andrey Kharchenko informed about 27 Turkish guests in Crimea, including the cousin of the current President of Turkey Mehmet Mutlu:

“The delegation consists of 27 people. They are representatives of various business circles, members of the Turkish Parliament, and the Adviser to the President Erdogan - his cousin Mehmet Mutlu.”

According to the information provided, the Turkish delegation includes over 20 representatives. Among those to arrive in the peninsula are the Head of the Turkish Association of Eurasian governments, the trustee to the Deputy Head of the Directorate General of Security in Turkey Hasan Cengiz, a Spokesman for Turkish President Ibrahim Erilli, Vice-Mayor of Ankara Ahmet Tunç and others.

Turkey has not yet provided any official statements regarding the reliability of the Russian media information.

The Turkish media do not confirm that the delegation included Advisor to Erdogan Mehmet Mutlu and that the delegation represents the Republic of Turkey officially.

It is worth mentioning that Ukraine introduces sanctions against foreigners who come into cooperation with the so-called Crimean authorities, thereby recognizing their legitimacy. Thus, the Ukrainian authorities have opened a criminal case against the French parliamentarians who visited the annexed peninsula. The current Turkish delegation could get into the same situation.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly stated the principled position regarding territorial integrity of Ukraine, protection of the rights of the Crimean Tatars in the illegally occupied territory of Crimea and the non-recognition of the Russian parliamentary elections results in the occupied peninsula.

Photo: Internet