Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), John Brennan has accused Russia of using the tactics of "scorched earth", which led to the death of thousands civilians in Syria, PBS publication reports.

The Head of the CIA made the statement, in response to a reporter's question about whether the whole intelligence community underestimated Vladimir Putin and Russia:

“Underestimate? No, I think we always felt as though he was somebody who had a very assertive and aggressive strain. We see what he’s done in places like Crimea and Ukraine and in Syria. He tends to flex muscles, not just on himself, but also in terms of Russia’s military capabilities. He plays by his own rules in terms of what it is that he does in some of these theaters of conflict.”

In his further comments, Brennan said that in resolving armed conflicts the official Moscow resort to an approach different from the one of the United States:

“What the Russians have done in Syria in terms of some of the scorched-earth policy that they have pursued that have led to devastation and thousands upon thousands of innocent deaths, that’s not something that the United States would ever do in any of these military conflicts.”

RF had long-term investments in Syria in the form of military bases and other facilities. Russia intensified support of Bashar al-Assad at the moment when it became clear that the Syrian opposition had strengthened, and the regime impact was greatly reduced, the Head of the CIA reminded. This proves that Moscow is not going to abandon its long-term ally and will defend his interests.

Earlier QHA reported that the regime of Bashar al-Assad claimed full control of Aleppo and took the active offensive against the Syrian opposition in the valley of the Barada in Damascus province.
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