The State Duma of Russia at a plenary meeting on March 22 adopted in the final reading the law prohibiting money transfers from Russia to Ukraine through foreign payment systems, according to Ukrainian News.

The draft law №21966-7 of the State Duma provides that if a foreign state prohibits payment systems of the Russian Federation, the transfers of money across the border without opening a bank account in the framework of payment systems will be possible from Russia to the state that applied such measures only on condition that payment operators System and services of payment infrastructure are controlled by the Russian Federation.

The Russian Central Bank will be required to publish on the website information on the introduction of bans by foreign countries on payment systems, with registered operators.

Earlier, in mid-October, the President of Ukraine signed a decree that, in the framework of a new sanction package against the Russian Federation, bans Russian payment systems "Golden Crown", "Kolibri", International money transfers "Leader", "Unistream", Anelik And Blizko.

PHOTO: Internet