Soldiers of the socio-political organization "Right Sector" made a statement on ending the blockade of Crimea:

Statement of the Operational Staff of Crimean blockade

Due to the recent events that unfolded around the Crimean blockade, the operational headquarters of the military-political operation "Right Sector" on the "Crimean blockade" states:

Supported the initiative by the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Sept.20, the national political party "Right Sector" in the framework of the public action "Crimean Maidan" has created operational headquarters of the Armed Forces headed by our friend "Croatia".

Taking over clear responsibilities, for 78 days the “Right Sector” activists disciplined, sacrificially and faithfully have performed their duties entrusted to us by the “Right Sector” leadership, the blockade coordinators and the Ukrainian people.

The latest statement by the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people has not been agreed with us and other representatives of the public organizations, volunteer battalions and patriotic movements, members of the headquarters of the "Crimean Maidan" headed by Lenur Islyamov, aimed at concessions both to external and internal enemies of Ukraine.

The resumption of the electricity supply by a power transmission line to the plant owned by a pro-Putin oligarch Firtash is treated by us as another anti-Ukrainian step of the current regime and overtures to our enemies made by some of our partners and allies.

Watching the last day Russian reaction on the results of the "Crimean blockade", we see large amounts of military equipment and human resources are being concentrated in a short distance from the checkpoint guarded by Ukrainian activists and Crimean blockade activists.

Under such circumstances, "Right Sector" ceases its work within the "Crimean Maidan." Instead, our fighting units will be redirected to the strengthening the fighters of the Ukraine Armed Forces who defend the Ukrainian border on the demarcation line with the Russia-occupied Crimea.

"Right Sector" reserves the right to monitor and assist the further development of this action at different levels and by all means, including putting pressure on the authorities. Our friend “Coartia” still stays at the central headquarters of the "Crimean Maidan" and it will represent the “Right Sector” Party.

"Be for the spread of power, fame, wealth and space of the Ukrainian state."

Crimea is Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!