The span was delivered on site around 19:30 on October 12. The next stage was fastening the lifting cables. All the lifting equipment was fastened and checked on the fairway supports. The operation involved 12 jacks with a carrying capacity of 650 tons each. The work involved 30 specialists - engineers, slingers, surveyors, welders and quality control specialists. The operation to lift the road arch to a design height of 35 m began on October 12 and was to last about 72 hours.

Earlier it was reported that the road arch of the Kerch bridge was brought to the fairway. The operation to transport the structure on floating supports involved 100 people, one tugboat with a capacity of 3 thousand horsepower, as well as several tugs-pushers and shunting ships.

The railway fairway arch of the Kerch bridge was installed at the end of August.

The construction of the Kerch bridge began in February 2016. According to the project, the combined road and rail transport links will connect the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory through the Kerch Strait. The total length of the bridge is 19 km. The cost of the project is estimated at 228.3 billion rubles. Automobile traffic on the bridge is expected to launch in December 2018.

The occupation administration of Crimea closed the Kerch Strait for the transit of ships from October 11 because of the installation of the second arch of the Kerch bridge.

Source: RBK