“RUB 28 million will be earmarked from the budget for renovating 4 hostel buildings located in Yevpatoria’s 36, 40, 42 (50) Krupskaya Street and 44 60th Anniversary of October Revolution Street,” Yevpatoria City Council’s press service reports quoting Leonid Babashov, Chairman of Communal and Development Committee of Crimea, who said so while addressing a third plenary session of the Crimean Parliament, which took place on October 22.

“Complete disregard for problems faced by individuals living in these hostels coupled with lack of funds necessary for their upkeep and renovation have led to catastrophic consequences. There is no quick solution to this problem, so we will be trying to handle it on a phased basis. Our top priority is making sure that the hostels’ residents are provided with accommodation for the duration of the autumn and winter months. After that, we will be trying to relocate residents of those hostels which were found to be in a state of disrepair,” said Babashov.

According to him, the municipal authorities have already chosen contractors who will be responsible for repairing the hostels’ roofs and installing heating equipment. Babashov went on to promise that all the repairs would be completed by the end of the year.