(QHA) -

Russia's food safety watchdog has suspended imports of certain types of Ukrainian-made alcoholic drinks.

Rospotrebnadzor said on August 13 that imports of Ukrainian-made vodka, beer and beer-related drinks will be suspended starting on August 15 because of "repeated violations" of legal requirements.

Rospotrebnadzor said that various brands of Ukrainian beer, wine and spirits "failed to meet requirements identified on their labels". It said samples of Obolon beer showed an improper calorie count while spirits sold by the Ukrainian Distribution Company had misrepresented their alcohol content. 

The move comes just one day after the Ukrainian parliament, in a first reading on August 12, backed a bill to impose sanctions on Russian companies and individuals for supporting pro-Russian separatists battling government forces in eastern Ukraine.

Federal Customs Service data show Russia having imported $90.3 million (67.5 million euros) in Ukrainian alcohol in 2013.

Russia has already suspended imports of a number of food products from Ukraine.

It has also imposed restrictions on imports of food from Western nations that have imposed sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis.