Alexander Vitko, Russian Black Sea Fleet Admiral, said that more than 200 units of new military equipment, including over 40 warships and support vessels were relocated to Crimea in 2015.

He also boasted of three “up-to-date” diesel-electric submarines (Warszawianka type), two small missile ships, ten fast attack crafts, twenty auxiliary ships and other floating crafts. Moreover, according to Vitko, Russia relocated to Crimea more than 30 aircrafts, including the multi-purpose fighters Su-300CM, RIA-Novosti reports.

The commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was proud to announce that a full-fledged group of forces was deployed on the territory of the annexed peninsula. On this occasion, Vitko complained that before the annexation the Russian fleet in Crimea was able to relocate only one ship, because the Ukrainian authorities blocked the expansion of the military grouping.

PHOTO: Internet