The "order" of the Russian-controlled "Council of Ministers of Crimea" on the Elimination of a budget organization "Order of Red Banner of Labor Nikitsky Botanical Gardens - National Scientific Center" will result in transfer of Nikita Botanical Garden located in the Russia-annexed Crimea to the federal property of the Russian Federation. The corresponding "document" (No. 81-p) has been published on the website of so-called Crimean "Council of Ministers".

The so-called "Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic" explained the mechanism of the illegal annexation of the Crimean sights by Russia. They said that in pursuance of orders of the Russian government, all the property and land of the Nikitsky garden will be transferred to federal ownership. On this basis, the Russian federal facility called "Nikita Botanical Garden" is to be created.

REFERENCE: Nikita Botanical Garden was founded in 1812 in the village of Nikita on the southern coast of Crimea. Hundreds of different species of plants, cactus greenhouse, a bamboo grove are located on its territory. Annually the garden holds Chrysanthemums Ball, exhibition of tulips, roses, irises, daylilies and clematis.

Earlier, in January 2017, the Crimean Natural Reserve was illegally transferred under the control of the Office of President Putin of Russia due to the so-called "federalization" of the property of Crimea."

Photo: Internet