On March 30, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of the first group of European diplomats.

The Russians expel two Italian diplomats, one Finnish, four Polish, three Czech, one Swedish, 13 Ukrainian, three Lithuanian and one Latvian diplomats, as well as the Estonian military attache. Diplomats must leave the territory of the Russian Federation within two weeks.

Also, the Russians made three diplomats of Moldova and one of Romania persona non grata.

QHA reported that because of the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Russian diplomats were expelled from countries such as Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Sweden, Romania, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Lithuania, France , Poland, Germany, Canada, USA, Ukraine, Australia and the Republic of Macedonia.

March 5, Skripal, convicted in Russia for espionage in favor of London, and his daughter were hospitalized in critical condition after poisoning in the British city of Salisbury