Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which the Abkhaz forces will come under the centralized management of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Thus, Russia is trying to legitimize the increase in tension in the Black Sea region, Iryna Friz, Ukrainian MP from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, posted on her Facebook page.

“The Russian Federation continues to escalate the situation in the Black Sea basin. That is how we can regard the signing by Russian President the Law on Ratification of the Agreement on Joint Group of Forces between the Russian Federation and Abkhazia.

The agreement provides for the procedure for the deployment and use of the united forces; details the appointment and organization of the management of the combined group; defines objectives, formation, deployment, as well as association of Russian and Abkhaz groups of forces.

According to the document, the two thousand contingent of Abkhazian militia comes under the command of the Russian base management, and the decision on their employment and funding is provided directly by the Kremlin ... We are witnessing the legitimization of military foreign bases created by the Russian Federation with the help of infiltrated separatism and de facto the seizure of territories by Russia.

Further Russia’s militarization of the Black Sea in all directions, from the Crimea to the Caucasus, creates more tension in the region, where the Kremlin has already unleashed more than one war. Therefore, such actions must be condemned by the international community,” Iryna Friz wrote.

According to the resolution "On Human Rights in Crimea," Russia as occupant continues to strengthen its military presence in Crimea, transforming the tourist facilities into the military centers, as occurred with "Object 100" and radiolocation station "Dnieper."

Photo: Internet