The Russian representatives at the sessions of the UN International Court of Justice in the Hague do not bring evidence, but provide information from the news feeds of propagandistic Kremlin-controlled information agencies and publications, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Elena Zerkal said on the air of Channel 5.

“We provide our evidence in a slightly different form than the Russians did. We never refer to unverified sources of information - it was our principled position,” the Deputy Minister said.

According to her, Ukraine has based its testimony only on those facts that can be confirmed by evidence.

Zerkal went on saying that the information provided by the Russians can not be called evidence, since it is just a presentation of Kremlin-related sources.

"We have already showed how they took pieces out of context and presented them as positions of international organizations," Zerkal said.

On Thursday, March 9, the fourth and final hearing is held at the UN International Court, during which the Russian side speaks for the second time.

Ukraine complies with all the requirements provided for by international conventions, under which it is possible to present its case to the full composition of the International Court of Justice of the United Nations.

The position of Ukraine lies in the fact that Russia in different ways supports the formations that commit terrorist acts on the territory of Ukraine. Due to incessant shelling, civilians of Donbas are killed.

In this legal process Ukraine accuses Russia not of the terrorist acts themselves, but of the financial support of the bandit formations that commit the attacks.

PHOTO: RIA-Ukraine