During the trilateral meeting in Moscow, the Foreign Ministers of Iran, Russia and Turkey - Mohammad Zarif, Sergei Lavrov and Mevlut Cavusoglu - adopted a joint communiqué on further actions to resolve the conflict in Syria, the Anadolu Agency reports.

The following items are specified in the document:

1. Iran, Russia and Turkey to fully support and respect the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria as a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, democratic and secular state.

2. Iran, Russia and Turkey are convinced that there is no military solution to the Syrian conflict. They recognize the important role of the UN in efforts to resolve this crisis in accordance with UN Security Council resolution No. 2254.

3. Iran, Russia and Turkey welcome the joint efforts in eastern Aleppo, allowing for a voluntary evacuation of the civilian population and organized withdrawal of armed opposition.

4. The Ministers agreed on the importance of extending the ceasefire, the unimpeded access of humanitarian aid and the free movement of the civilian population in Syria.

5. Iran, Russia and Turkey have expressed willingness to contribute to the development of a future agreement between the Government of Syria and the opposition, which is currently negotiated, and to become the guarantors of the agreement.

6. They are deeply convinced that the said agreement will help give the necessary impetus to the resumption of the political process in Syria in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution No. 2254.

7. The Ministers take note of the kind invitation of the President of Kazakhstan to conduct the appropriate meetings in Astana.

8. Iran, Russia and Turkey have confirmed their determination to jointly combat DEASH and al-Nusra and alienate them from the armed opposition groups.

It was reported earlier that Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu postponed the scheduled for December 20-21 official visit to Ukraine.

Photo: Internet